Friday, February 25, 2011

Anderson Silva's Coach Warns GSP to Stay at 170

Georges St. Pierre still has to get a win against Jake Shields before any move up to middleweight to challenge MMA King Anderson Silva in the super fight of all super fights that EVERYONE is talking about. UFC President Dana White revealed that the biggest fight in the sports history would happen possibly in 2011 if St. Pierre got past Shields (and if Silva got past Vitor Belfort but Silva's front kick assured that), the fight world began gawking over the possibility of the fantasy match up.

There is at least one person against the idea however, Anderson Silva's boxing trainer Josuel Distak, who recently said that St. Pierre should stay at welterweight so that he won't lose or get hurt. "Georges St. Pierre should stay in his division (laughs), because if he moves up he'd have much headache, St. Pierre is a strategic fighter. Besides being very dangerous, Anderson also is strategic, so he has two weapons. Anderson has an advantage over St. Pierre because of his reach and game, he has a more efficient Muay Thai and a tough ground game. Anderson will be prepared for him."

St. Pierre and Shields square off on April 30th in the main event of UFC 129 in Toronto, Ontario. A fight that will make or break the most anticipated match up in MMA history.

If Jake Shields wins against GSP and is the spoiler, he may just become the most hated man in MMA history.

G-Sot Gets a Title Shot With Win Over Siver

Quickly rising fan favorite and the UFC’s most high-profile Australian contender ever George Sotiropoulos will have the chance of a lifetime this weekend to extend his current eight-fight winning streak when he takes on the extremely dangerous German striker Dennis Siver, but an elite opponent isn’t the motivation for victory for Sotiropoulos. UFC president Dana White recently said that Sotiropoulos will position himself right in the middle of the UFC’s lightweight title picture should he defeat the veteren Siver. “If he can win and pull this fight out, he’s in the line for the title shot, There’s no doubt about it.” White said.
Sotiropoulos hasn’t lost since 2006 against submission master Shinya Aoki(who was considered to be one of the world’s best lightweight fighters at the time). Sotiropoulos was disqualified after an illegal groin strike forced the bout to be stopped. Since that loss, he has competed on The Ultimate Fighter and has defeated UFC lightweights like George Roop, Jason Dent, Joe Stevenson, Kurt Pellegrino and Joe Lauzon. Dana White also looked at Sotiropoulos’ dominance in the division as well as the exciting fashion in which he has finished his opponents as the two primary reasons that weighed on why he is being considered for a title shot stating “This kid has been on a tear, He’s so incredibly exciting to watch. You know, a lot of people talk about standup wars. Well, I love jiu-jitsu wars, too, and this guy has been in a ton of them. He’s very exciting, very fun to watch and incredibly talented. And if he wins, he’s on his way.”
Sotiropoulos will be facing Siver in his own backyard as well, as their UFC 127 bout will be taking place at the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia Sotiropoulos’ native country this Saturday.

GSP reminded of Serra facing Shields

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has never come off as a man with nerves of steel or acted like a the tough guy to pretend that his mental state of mind remains impervious prior to a huge fight. GSP has been open and honest about recently employing a sports psychologist, something he also did in the past in order to sew up some of his mental weaknesses. French-Canadian poster boy of MMA has remained honest dealing with some of the psychological hazards that many pro fighters face.
St. Pierre must frequently keep himself humble in the face of the great expectations placed on his shoulders. He is currently preparing to defend his welterweight title against a very capable opponent in Jake Shields, but all anyone is talking about anymore is a possible super fight with Anderson Silva that will likely materialize if St. Pierre gets by Shields.
In a interview with, GSP admitted he suffers from overwhelming nervousness for his upcoming fight due to the conditions surrounding this fight with Shields similar to those which existed when he lost his title to Matt Serra, a massive underdog, by KO in 2007 at UFC 69.
St. Pierre said in the interview “With Jake Shields, I’m very nervous for this fight. I have goosebumps, more than ever before, I have the flash of what happened with Matt Serra and I don’t want it to happen again. I’m fighting the most dangerous guy I have ever fought and it’s going to be a very tough fight.”
St. Pierre’s admission of weakness is quite surprising to many in the MMA world, seeing how GSP is revered as one of the best fighters to ever grace a ring or a cage. As he steps in to face a real threat in Jake Shields, there is no doubt the St. Pierre will show up come fight time, maybe St. Pierre is just being the good guy as always.

Dana White on Rampage Evans Rematch

It was widely assumed that Rashad Evans would be filling in for Thiago Silva to face Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 130, Matt Hamill filled the void however after Silva’s UFC 125 drug test came back positive for a banned substance. The Jackson and Evans fought last May, with Evans using a wrestling-heavy strategy to score a very bland unanimous decision over his rival Jackson. UFC President Dana White explained the decision to go with Matt Hamill vs. “Rampage” Jackson to the mixed martial arts world today.
White stated today “Who wants to see that shit again?” White asked of a Rampage – Evans rematch. “Rampage-Rashad, the fucking snoozefest? I don’t want to see that fucking fight again. Matt Hamill and Rampage might not talk a bunch of shit about each other before the fight, but when have you not seen Matt Hamill fight? Matt Hamill’s going to go in there and try to beat him.”
“Rampage” rebounded from the loss to Evans by scoring a split decision victory over former champion Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida at UFC 123 in November of 2010. The case for Hamill, The Ultimate Fighter Season 3 veteran recently scored the biggest win of his career by defeating his coach from that season, MMA veteran and former UFC poster boy Tito Ortiz, by unanimous decision at UFC 121 last October.
UFC 130 takes place on May 28, 2011 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is scheduled to be headlined by UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar defending his title against Gray Maynard, Maynard has never lost to Edgar posting a record of 1-0-1 against him.

Bisping vs Rivera Its Gonna Be War!!!

Just days before he turns 39, Jorge Rivera finds himself in the co-main event on the UFC 127 pay-per-view show that will air live in the United States on Saturday night. Rivera, a journeyman who has been in and out of the UFC since 2003, has come up with three consecutive victories and faces U.K. native and favorite Michael Bisping in an event being held Sunday afternoon local time in the sold-out Acer Arena in Sydney, Austrailia. The Milford, Mass., native is making the most of his spotlight and has taken to marketing the fight Youtube videos spoofing UFC promos. The clips clown Bisping’s punching power calling him “pillow hands” and claiming Bisping holds the UFC record for most power shots to the head without a knockout or knockdown. Rivera also calls Bisping a “professional decision maker,” a jab at Bisping for going to the judges’ scorecards in his recent wins.
It gets rather silly as one of Rivera’s coaches in a British accent making fun of Bisping’s speaking patterns and accent and ribbing him for getting a decision win in the 2007 Matt Hamill fight, one of the more controversial decisions in UFC history.
Bisping (20-3) hasn’t been amused in the slightest. “It’s pathetic,” said Bisping, who himself has been known for running his mouth but felt this level crossed the line. “He’s 38. He’s in the co-main event of a big show and he comes across like a moron. All he’s doing is embarrassing himself.”
In one of the segments, Rivera (18-7) talked about how Bisping felt Rivera wasn’t on his level and wasn’t happy when Rivera’s name was mentioned to him as an opponent. Bisping acknowledged he wasn’t thrilled when Rivera’s name was brought up at first, as Bisping set a 2011 goal and that was to pick up a few wins which would get him into position for a middleweight title match before the year is out. “I was hoping for a top-five opponent to start building for a run at the title,” Bisping said. “They told me he’s won three in a row. But two of the three, I barely even know. Nissen Osterneck – I’ve never even heard of him. Rob Kimmons, I’ve barely heard of; the only reason I know him is he lost to one of the guys I beat [Dan Miller]. Nate Quarry, he’s a good fighter. Rivera looked pretty good in that fight. I have respect for the guy, but he’s 38, and what he’s doing cheapens the sport and cheapens himself to the fans. What’s he doing it for? A few Youtube hits? Now that boxing trainer of his [who played Bisping in the clips], I’d like to wring his neck.”
Bisping is known for being both one of the most popular and most hated fighters on the UFC roster, depending on where the fight happens. He won the third season of The Ultimate Fighter the season with the second highest ratings in the show’s history. MMA was practically an underground sport in the United Kingdom at the time, and Bisping became the face of the sport. Four years later, he and Dan Hardy are the U.K.’s two most popular fighters.
Bisping started out as one of the most popular newcomers the UFC ever had in the United States also, but several things happened to change all that. First was the UFC 75 win over Hamill in one of the most-watched televised MMA events in history. Bisping was awarded a split decision at a show in London. To the U.S. public it was viewed as an American going to the U.K. and being robbed in a hometown decision.
Then, he was a coach on TUF for the U.S. vs. U.K. season. His opponent was Dan Henderson, a quiet guy, and Bisping’s outgoing, brash, and arrogant personality made for a strong difference in character. Back in England however, they loved Bisping for he coached Team U.K. to great success. But in the States, Bisping was the villain, coaching against a popular fighter who represented the United States twice in the Olympics didn’t help matters either. “But I’d rather be booed than have nobody care,” Bisping said. Bisping acknowledges being annoyed by the criticism, such as he’s not a finisher and has no power and he’s a midlevel talent who has been product of the “hype machine” by the UFC.
There have been so many comments about Bisping being overrated over the years that when look at his record, you see someone who in all honesty is vastly underrated. Has he proven himself to be the top contender to rival Anderson Silva? No. But it is his long-term goal and he’s in the upper class of UFC fighters.
His record also indicates being unable to finish fights is undeserved as well. In Bisping’s 20 wins, four have gone the distance while the rest were finishes via 12 knockouts and four submissions. Every fight that’s gone the distance has been against tough fighters. Besides Bisping’s win over Hamill, only fighters known for iron chins have gone the distance against him.
Yoshihiro Akiyama has only been knocked out once in his career, that was in a fight in which he was outweighed by about 70 pounds against devastating power boxer Jerome Le Banner, one of the world’s best heavyweight K-1 knockout artists. Dan Miller has never been stopped in his career and Chris Leben has only been knocked out twice in his career and has a reputation for eating anything thrown at him.
Of his losses, Bisping was competitive with Wanderlei Silva, a legend of the sport and lost a split decision to Rashad Evans, a former light heavyweight champion. The only time he’s been KOd was by Henderson; it was a devastating overhand right knockout in the most high-profile fight of his career at UFC 100.
“I don’t want to take anything away from [Henderson],” Bisping said. “He’s a big name and a hell of a fighter. I started camp too early, I had a 15-week camp. I was over-trained and came in so skinny.”
When fighting at light heavyweight, Bisping was small for the class and cut no weight. Moving to middleweight, he tried to get his weight down to 185, which he accomplished. But this week, with a few days until fight time, he’s 200 pounds. He will cut water to get to 185 and fight close to 200, like most fighters.
But above all Michael Bisping also says Jorge Rivera’s comedy routine is beyond offensive, Bisping claims the jokes being made in the videos produced by Rivera and company have been coupled with peace offerings sent through an unnamed UFC intermediary. That’s almost as big of an insult. “He’s sending messages to me (that say) ‘Oh, nothing personal, If you’re going to talk shit, be a man and accept responsibility for it.”
Rivera says that the videos were created to entertain MMA fans and build interest in the fight. The jokes are all in good fun. But Bisping is not laughing, particularly when it comes to several jokes about his heritage. He thinks his opponent should grow up. “He’s criticized me and ridiculed me for being English, He’s being racist – let’s be honest. If he was making fun of me because I was Jewish or black, there would be uproar. But because I’m English, that’s OK. He’s out of order, and I’m going to make him pay for it.”
Rivera has promised to make their meeting an all-out war. Bisping has every intention of making his opponent eat his words. “He’s off his fucking head, pardon my language,” Bisping said. “I try to put my opponents away. It’s just that I’ve fought guys that are hard to finish. (Yoshihiro) Akiyama is hard to finish, Chris Leben is hard to finish; Dan Miller has never been finished. These are hard guys, and I’ve kicked their asses, with all due respect. They were a mess after the fight; it looked like a hand grenade exploded in their face. If Jorge Rivera thinks I’m going to be backpedaling the whole time and scared of him, then I want some of what he’s smoking because it’s obviously good shit.”
Bisping originally requested a fight with middleweight contender Nate Marquardt, but when Rivera called him out following his canceled fight with Alessio Sakara at a Nov. 13 event, Bisping quickly accepted the fight.
Rankings wise it’s not the best move for Bisping, who most recently defeated Akiyama and was ready for a step up in the division. But Bisping said it’s always easier to get motivated for an opponent which he has bad blood with. And Rivera fits the bill perfectly. “I felt that with the momentum I’d gained in my last few fights, I was looking to someone who was a little nearer to a title shot, and I still feel the same way, That said, he’s been making these videos talking smack, insulting me (and) insulting my family; insulting my career. Of course it’s made me want to make an example of him. I’m never going to see [Rivera] again, He’s not on my Christmas card list, so it doesn’t really matter whether or not we’ve squashed the feelings or not. I’m going to go out there (and) I’m going to beat him up, make a fool out of him, and that’s that. He’s acting like a child. He’s 38 years old; you’d think he’d know better. I’m just getting on with my training and trying to prepare accordingly. Whereas he’s selling his soul for the sake of a few YouTube hits. Ultimately, he’s making a fool out of himself … acting like a retard. Good luck to him.”
Bisping has also talked trash of his own calling Rivera an easy pay day. “I fought on the same card as (Rivera) 6 years ago for Cage Rage. I would have kicked his fucking ass then. He’s an old man, and I’m in my prime. I’ve got better and he’s gone down hill. He can try and make himself relevant by talking shit and doing stupid videos. … I had to Google his previous opponents to find out who they even were. I’m not overly concerned really (with his right hand). Apart from me making a stupid mistake and him catching me with something flush on the button, I really don’t see what he’s going to do. I’m too fast for him, I’m too technical, I’m a better wrestler, I’ve got better jiu-jitsu and I’m better looking. He’s said that he’s out-smarted me already (by making this fight), but we’ll see who the smart one is when he’s a broken mess on the floor in the middle of the Octagon. … The UFC made the match up, I could’ve turned the fight down but I’ve never turned a fight down in my life and I’m certainly not going to start turning down a fight with Jorge Rivera. I’ve fought a lot harder opposition than Jorge Rivera. This is a free pay-day for me. I’m going to be laughing all the way to the bank.”
Saturday night is going to be full of fireworks down under and the only way to see it is to watch UFC 127 live on Pay-Per-View.

Miesha Tate Interview

Exclusive interview

I recently conducted an interview with Miesha Tate, 11-2, for those of you who don’t know her you must.
Miesha Tate is the new face of women’s mixed martial arts in the United States. She currently fights for Strikeforce and also is the current Freestyle Cage Fighting Women’s Bantamweight Champion. She has also competed and won a silver medal in the FILA Grappling Championships.
Tate was even a star before she started MMA, as she wrestled on the boys’ wrestling team while in high school.
In 2005, she won the high school women’s state championship and went on to win nationals at the World Team Trials in the 158lb division. Tate eventually joined an MMA sports club at Central Washington University that was run by her current boyfriend who is also a pro fighter, love of her life, inspiration, and trainer, Bryan “Kid Lightning” Caraway, 14-5.
Tate has lost only twice in her career, the second fight of her career and a fight taken on short notice against Sarah Kaufman. Since losing to Kaufman, Tate has won five in a row including two wins in the Strikeforce 135 pounds Women’s Tournament, which she won earning her the chance of a lifetime, a title fight with Marloes Coenen, 18-4.
Coenen a Dutch Golden Glory product will defend her Strikeforce Women’s Welterweight belt against Tate on March 5, 2011 at Strikeforce: Feijao vs Henderson. This will be Tate’s first crack at the title in Strikeforce and she easily has the tools to bring the belt back to the United States. Miesha Tate is going to propel women’s mixed martial arts into the stratosphere and its no doubt it’s going to happen.
Tate has the drive and determination to be the best female fighter ever, but she will be remembered for one other thing: Being a true pioneer to women’s mixed martial arts and inspire a generation of females all over the globe, as they will know they can do what the boys do: Fight. and be just as good if not better at doing it.
Did I mention she is an absolute knockout with her looks also? Below is the interview with WMMA’s and Team Alpha Male’s own Miesha Tate.
SF: Do you feel as though the general public has accepted you as a legitimate athlete, or do you still have to deal with the stigma that you’re a pretty face first and a fighter second?
I still feel I have to deal with the Stigma of being a “female” fighter, being a woman seems to trump being a fighter to many people still.
SF: Who is your inspiration that got you into mixed martial arts? And what does it mean to you being a mixed martial arts fighter?
It was my boyfriend, Bryan Caraway. I never knew what MMA was but when I saw him fight for the first time I knew I wanted to be a part of it too.
SF: How would you like to be remembered in MMA when your career is over?
I’d like to remembered as a leader, a barrier breaker and a good role model.
SF: Let’s touch on some of the good you do for the world. What gave you the idea for the women’s rape prevention DVD? My father Kancho John Farrell used to tell me “People should learn two things in life that are just as important as breathing. Those two things are how to swim and how to defend yourself.” Is that the type of approach you took when you and Frank Shamrock did the demonstrations?
Absolutely, I think women should be confident in the ability they have to protect themselves and they should be aware of the potentially dangerous when they walk around every day.
SF: With multiple reality shows and promotions picking up women’s MMA now, where do you see the sport going in the next 5 years?
I want to take my career as far as I can in and outside of MMA, I want to get into some women’s fitness magazines and encourage others to live healthier lives I plan to still be fighting then as well.
SF: Are you going to start using your “cross-over” appeal more to promote the sport or at least yourself much like other fighters have such as Cung Le and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson?
I would if the opportunity presented itself but not for any opportunity it would have to be the right one for fighting is my passion, it would have to be worth the sacrifice and I would definitely still fight after.
SF: Marloes Coenen is who you are getting ready to face for the Strikeforce title. Is this the biggest fight of your career considering it would propel you into the conversation of Megumi Fujii and “Cyborg” as the top female fighters? Or does a Kaufman rematch intrigue you more given it was on short notice?
They both appeal to me but right now it’s Marloes Coenen in the way of the title, so must get through her to accomplish my bigger goal of becoming a world Champ. Kaufman is a personal goal and I’m sure I will have the opportunity to avenge the loss in time.
SF: Given how Carano-”Cyborg” was such a huge draw for women’s MMA, would you consider taking a fight with Carano to further solidify and push women’s MMA seeing how you are the top two faces?
Yes, I would and I think it would be a great draw for Women’s MMA, although, I’d want it at least at a catch weight of 140.
SF: Lastly, I would like to wish you luck on your upcoming title fight. Is there anything you wish to add that I may not have asked?
Thank you! I’d like to Thank God, my teammates at Team Alpha Male my bf/coach Bryan Caraway all my friends/family and my sponsors Raw State, CageHero, Tussle, Cage Candy, Caged Steel, Bad Reputation.

Spike TV announces 128 Prelims

Spike TV announced that they will air the “UFC Prelims” special with next month’s UFC 128 event. The event will be on March 19, it will proceed into the night’s pay-per-view UFC 128 event, the Prelims will feature light heavyweights Luiz Cane (10-3) vs. Karlos Vemola (8-1) and lightweight strikers Edson Barboza (7-0) vs. Anthony Njokuani (13-4).
The main event of UFC 128 will be a fight between light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Jon “Bones”. Jones will be fighting right outside of his own backyard of New York at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J so expect him to come ready for this fight.
Karlos Vemola turned around a terrible UFC debut with his most recent performance as he railroaded Seth Petruzelli at UFC 122 in 2010. His debut loss to Jon Madsen at UFC 116 was the only time he failed to execute his game plan of “Blitzing” (a fast bull rush approach which leads to ground and pound) that he employed to finish his first seven opponents within the first round.
Vemola’s opponent however, Luiz Cane, is a very heavy-handed lightheavy who’s looking to get back on track after his last two outings were terrible. It started over a year ago when he proved his was ready to face a step up in competition against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and was knocked out inside two minutes at UFC 106. Then at UFC 114, it only took 17 seconds longer but his next bout ended the same way when Cyrille Diabate finished him. The losses killed any of the hype built from his previous three-fight win streak that included victories over decent fighters in Jason Lambert, Rameau Thierry Sokodjou and Steve Cantwell.
Vemola should be able to bully Cane around quite easily and win with his ground and pound, but if they stand and trade both Vemola and Cane could go down with the first power shot given both of them hit harder than many 205 pound fighters. The ground game could work to Cane’s advantage if he’s able to manage the takedown and control Vemola. Vemola seems to powerful for that to happen but Cane has the ground skills to submit Vemola.
With the lightweights Edson Barboza returns. For anyone who has never seen Edson Barboza fight it is sheer beauty to watch as every strike is almost perfect. Barboza quickly burst on to the UFC scene at UFC 123 in 2010. The 24-year-old “buzzsaw” used a devastating(A word I cant emphasize enough) arsenal of leg kicks on Mike Lullo literally chopping him down like a tree and getting the TKO stoppage from the leg kicks. The win was Barboza’s seventh straight victory to start his career, and all seven wins have come via stoppage.
Anthony Njokuani is a familar fighter to those who followed the WEC, he makes his first appearance in the UFC’s Octagon after fighting seven times for the promotion’s recently merged sister organization (WEC). An excellent striker in his own right, Njokuani earned four wins in the WEC, and all four wins came via TKO. Njokuani last fought at WEC 52, where he earned a second-round TKO win over Edward Faaloloto with a vicious standing elbow.
Altough this is a Prelim fight, this is a must see as Barboza and Njokuani will be putting on a dazzling striking display with a series of boxing and kickboxing attacks. Barboza should win this fight in impressive fashion as it’s been quite hard to ever go against him, he is the real deal and an absolute technician. Njokuani is an excellent striker himself but he doesn’t hold the power that Barboza holds in his leg kicks which should be the deciding factor of the fight.
UFC 128 Prelims should be a pair of excellent bouts which should attract a few more average fight fans or even boxing fans as all four of these fighters will NOT disappoint.